Monday, February 15, 2010

So I don't think I'll be posting from my phone often. Obviously I am not doing something right because it always ends up in several different posts. Strange.

I was looking through some old layouts I had done and came across one I don't even remember doing. Seriously. I don't even remember when I did it much less remember doing it. Very strange because I don't think I have ever forgotten doing a layout before. I guess I'm getting old. I don't know if I intended to go back and do something else to it or what but when I looked at it tonight I was happy with the way it turned out just as it is. You can see for yourself.

We had a really good day today. We met a gal in our neighborhood who also has a 3 year old and stayed at their house half the day! I felt bad for staying so long but every time I said we were going to go she said the kids were playing so well together so we stayed. It was a snowy, snowy day, what else is there to do? The boys had a ball and were totally exhausted tonight. So is mommy!

Must get back in the habit of blogging. Been so busy working on getting rid of stuff and keeping up with the house that I have not blogged in ages! I seem to go through those phases. Will get back into the swing of things I am sure. :)


  1. YOu are quite busy!! I'm glad that I didn't have computers or blogging when my kids were little; it made it a lot easier. :)

  2. This is the age where it starts getting harder and harder to stay organized and clean, cuz with boys...well...everything is an adventure, and no stone is left unturned. Some weeks, I just give up for days until I can't stand it any longer. Then I clean until my fingers fall off. BUT, give the boys 2 hours and it all comes unraveled *sigh* :)