Monday, February 22, 2010

Aimless rambling

And the days just keep ticking away. Still hard for me to believe we have less than a week left in February already. Where does all that time go?

So far not so impressed with the paper photo a day thing. Just much more difficult time wise for me in a lot of ways. Online I can do a bunch at once and typing just comes so much easier and faster than handwriting. Plus I can write more about some days if I want and not so limited to space. But that's okay, it was something I wanted to try so it's all good.

The snow is melting. Yuck. If it is going to be cold then I want it to snow. If it isn't going to snow then I am ready for Spring. I think everyone is ready for Spring. I know my boys are!

This is what we seem to be doing most of the time these days...

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