Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Well, I finally had to take the time to figure out how to post by my phone. It seems that may be the only way I will be able to post these days. Been busy, busy around here. Attempting to get rid of a lot of old stuff so spending all my "free" time working on that.

Poor Hurricane woke up in the middle of the night last night with croup. So we bundled up and went out in the drizzly, cold night at 2am. I have to say this really does work well. Little Bit gets croup a lot. I really wish he would get a regular cold because man he is not fun on steroids. But Hurricane seems to be doing well this morning and has even requested going to Wally World. Hmm...

So hopefully now that I have gone mobile I'll be able to get back to posting more often. Been missing it! Hope everyone is well. Can you believe it is February already? Got anything fun planned for Valentine's Day? What do you do for 3 year olds?

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  1. We colored and cut for homemade cards, and used heart shaped cookie cutters to cut out cookies and brownies.