Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's a scrappy day

Okay, so not exactly sure what in the world happened to my last post. Will have to attempt to go and fix it. For some reason I just noticed it came out in like 6 different posts. Very strange. I guess I still haven't gotten the hang of posting via my phone yet!

So while I was away at my scrappy weekend a few weekends ago, I actually completed a page. I did a lot of other stuff too but this is just a random page because I liked the template. :)

Credits: Paper are from BDay by Michelle Coleman, Template is by Jessica Sprague, and fonts are 3rd Man, Crosby Hand, Conrad Veidt, and 28 Days Later Regular

It felt good just to scrap. I did manage to get my 2008 book finished and ready to upload to Shutterfly. I have actually received it back this past week. Was so very excited. Now I just need to get their baby books finished! I also started working on my calendar for 2011 because I am determined not to wait until December this year to attempt to get it all done. Just too much work to cram in at that time of year. So it (digital) and my Project 365 (paper) are all set up and ready to go.

And speaking of Project 365. I actually sat down and put the photos in for January and started the journaling. This feel so strange to do after having done it via blog for the last year. Must try to find a new system for that so I don't forget stuff. And I can't write as much as I could on my blog. Well, I guess I can but it would have to be tucked away in one of the pockets. I'll figure out a good system by December I am sure!

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