Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Looking back...teachers

Wow, life has such a funny way. Just amazes me all that has happened over nearly the last eight years. So very many ups and downs. One very wild roller coaster indeed!

So where we are today...

My little ones are now in second grade. It just amazes me to even say those words! With all I am dealing with in regards to their school, it has brought back such vivid memories. 

One of the things I truly struggle with is how Little Bit doesn't like school. It truly kills me. School was what saved me. Third grade was my turning point. My teacher was what saved me. I didn't know it at the time, but her kindness to me was what made the difference. It is what made me want to work hard and be a good student. Not that I was a bad one before that, I was just terrified of everything I guess, even the other third grade teacher I had to go to math for, which strangely enough was still in the same classroom, just on the other side. It was a HUGE room and we had two full third grade classes in it. I actually don't recall a lot of the specific details to be honest, I just remember her and that I was petrified of the other teacher, even though I had her for math. But my teacher, she was perfect to me. She even allowed me to stay after and help. I remember  writing the next day's date on the blackboard and erasing all the day's information, cleaning the erasers and sorting papers. And I remember one time I stayed so late it was dark out and she offered to take me home. 

Looking back just now I realize my love of school didn't come from the work or playing with other kids in my class. It always came because of the teacher. What an epiphany I had just now about Little Bit. Hmm...more to add to the strange mix I am dealing with now. 

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