Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How did I pick the names?

Why I picked those names. N was easy, I always have called him "Little Bit." C was a little harder but one of the nicknames I have called him since he was born was "Hurricane." He had this swirl on the very top of his head, right in front that looked like a hurricane. I seriously think it was a foreshadow of what was to come! That child is either wide open or off, there is hardly ever an in between.

And just to prove he really did have a little hurricane swirl of hair I had to take a photo back then...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ups and Downs

N (who I will now refer to on this blog as "Little Bit") and I had a great lunch today. I was feeling guilty that I had to pick him up from school only to drop him off at the child care place because I had a doctor's appointment. When I made the appointment I really thought M would be here but he had to travel two weeks in a row. Yuck. But anyway, I picked him up from school and he was so excited. He just chattered away and his teacher told me he talks the entire time he is there. Even between taking bites of food at snack time! How funny! He has changed so much in just two weeks. I can't get over it. I guess all the time he has just sat back while C (who I will refer to as "Hurricane") has talked all the time so now it is his turn.

So Little Bit and I went to Long John Silvers of all places. They just opened a new one where we live and I needed something quick that would capture his attention. Something like a new place we have never been. Go figure. He did great and had a ball watching the "huge" truck. He actually said that. "That truck is huge!" I was shocked but proud. He is finally talking!!!!!!!

Doctors appointment went well. Come to find out I have migraines that have more than likely led to daily headaches for various reasons. Have to track my headaches for the next three weeks when I then go back to see him to find out what else we will be doing to get rid of these. Oh it will be so, so nice to feel good again!

So I ran to pick up Hurricane (because I was late) and then we popped over to get Little Bit. They were so funny. When I was getting his coat on he said he wanted a lollipop. So while his was picking out his he said he wanted to get one for Hurricane. It was sweet. He took his time and figured out just what color Hurricane should have. So I get to the car and open the door and Hurricane says "Little Bit!" He was so excited to see his brother. Then they started having a conversation together and Little Bit gave him his lollipop to which he said "Thank you Little Bit." Oh did my heart melt!

So later in the evening Little Bit bit Hurricane. Something that has come back to rear it's ugly head around here. It was not pretty. Little Bit got sent to his room of course. But I think it really helped Hurricane to really see just how much biting hurts. He was usually the one doing the biting around here. Little Bit's new found freedom has made a lot of things change around here these days. But later, just before bedtime, Hurricane was walking by Little Bit and I was watching intensely because I just knew he was going to hit or push him. But no, he gave him a hug. Oh how sweet was that? I of course went on and on about how sweet that was of him and he walked over a few minutes later and gave him another hug and said "I love you." And Little Bit replied with "I love you." I seriously think that is the first time they have ever told each other they loved them. What a fantastic way for me to end my day!