Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The paths we take...

I really need a way to record my thoughts while they are playing through my head. Can't someone come up with some kind of transmitter that records your thoughts without you having to stop what you are doing and write them down? Whoever could come up with that would be a millionaire for sure! I just have so many thoughts and by the time I actually sit to jot them down they have yet again escaped me. Oh well...maybe I should start doing the voice recorder thing on my phone. Hmm...may have to play around with that option a little. 

The last six weeks I have been doing an amazing tele-class with Margaret Webb. I wish I could even begin to express what a difference she has made in my life. A year ago, I did my first class with her and I will never forget sitting in the first call or two thinking this was just a bunch of bs. Seriously, you want me to do what? Whatever! But each week I would call in anyway and the funny thing is, about the third week it was like something clicked. After the end of the class I truly couldn't believe how things for me had started to change. It was like she was the missing piece I have been needing in my life for a long while now. Again, it is so very hard to even begin to express what her openness, guidance, and willingness to share her knowledge has helped change my life so dramatically.

No, it didn't happen overnight. No, I am not all the way there yet. But for once, I feel like I am truly on the right path. No second guessing it anymore, I finally found that missing piece I needed to find myself and get on that path I was meant to be on. I still have a very long way to go, but with all the books and things I have been studying these last few years and her classes and calls, I finally feel I have the courage (most days), know how to gain the knowledge I need, and have the desire to do what I am truly supposed to be doing. I still haven't figured out what exactly that is yet, but I feel like I am finally on the right path. Completely and utterly on the right path. It is an amazing feeling.

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