Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow days...

Where in the world did January go? Can't believe tomorrow is January 31st already! I have to admit the last 3 weeks got a little crazy. SOOOOOO much happened and I am not even sure where to begin. Or if I even want to begin. Ha! Part of me just wants to put it behind me and let it go, but I know that isn't going to be able to happen. All of it is still going on, just at a simmer at the moment.

Oh my, where to begin? I guess in an attempt to make a very long story as short as humanly possible...I am fighting with the school system. This won't be the first time here. As a matter of fact, I feel like from the moment we moved here and started attending the developmental preschool here it has been a fight. I have been so very patient. Or at least tried to. I have tried to be proactive with my children's needs and the school has fought me over every little tiny request. Seriously, even something as simple as an individual picture schedule for my children or velcro under their desk. Nope, couldn't make any "accommodations" for various reasons (excuses). Well, a few weeks ago they pushed this Mama a little too hard one time too many and I am fighting it. Now I am taking the legal road, first with an advocate and will get an attorney if I have to. So far though, the advocate route has gotten me further in a week and a half than I got in the last year and a half. Very sad to me that just the presence of someone sitting in a room makes such a huge difference!

I guess later I will get into the whole ordeal. Tonight I am just enjoying the last of our snow days and about to get ready for the boy's short day tomorrow (they have a delay still but are going for a few hours). And trust me, this Mama needs the quiet for a few hours tomorrow!

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